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Preacher:  Josh McKayeNotes: How can we be made right with God again? Man has done so many terrible things. Watch this sermon and learn four truths regarding salvation and how we can be forgiven by God.

Jesus Appears to Thomas

Preacher:  Seba VazquezNotes: The risen Christ was still on mission to meet people exactly where they were and help them move forward. The disciple, Thomas was stuck in doubt but Jesus helped him take a step of...

Why does EASTER matter?

Many of us have heard the Easter Story about how Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. But why does Easter really matter? What significance does Easter have on our lives in this world today? Join us for our Easter service, as we worship God and discover the answer to that question!

Exchanging Faith for Fear

Preacher:  Matt HessNotes: The Bible commands us not to be fearful. But it can be so challenging not to give in to fear and anxiety, especially right now. Watch and learn how we can EXCHANGE FEAR FOR FAITH!

Praying BOLD Prayers

Do you struggle with believing that God can and desires to answer your prayers? Watch, as we learn from the Bible how we can have faith to confidently pray bold prayers!

Why Don’t We Pray?

We make time for hobbies, friends, and nearly everything else and yet, we often don’t make time for prayer. Why is this? Watch, and hear four simple reasons why we don’t pray and learn how you can start to pray today.

Prayer Reorients Us In Reality

Listen today as Pastor Seba walks us through the Lords Prayer and teaches us what it looks like to reorient your life.

The Spirit-Filled Life

Listen today as Pastor Matt talks about learning to walk in the power of God.

Simple Church

Listen today as Pastor Matt dives into the book of Acts and discover the power of a devoted church family. This series will be a call back to the simplistic power of the Gospel and God’s desire for His church.

Church Formation

Preacher:  Chris CarrSeries: Missionary GodNotes: Listen today as guest speaker Chris Carr speaks about Church Formation.

Missionary God – Discipleship

Preacher:  Seba VazquezSeries: Missionary GodNotes: Continuing in our series “Missionary God” Pastor Seba taught on the importance of discipleship.

Missionary God – Evangelism

Continuing in our series “Missionary God” Pastor Seba spoke about our purpose as believers. To share the good news with those around us.

Love God and Love Others

This week Pastor Stephen spoke on John chapter 5 and the pool of Bethesda and how it reminds us to ultimately love God and love others.

Compassion Canada

Guest Speaker: Brad GuldemondNotes: This week Guest Speaker, Brad Guldemond shared with us about Compassion Canada and God's heart for children.

Child Like Faith

This week Pastor Matt taught what it looks like to have child like faith


Preacher: Seba Vazquez Notes: Pastor Seba taught us about what it means to be a disciple and gave us a pathway to do that called stages.

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