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A Maturing Church

Today we learned from Ephesian Chapter 4: 11 -16, On how a mature Church should function.

Is It Worth It?

Every follower of Jesus has to ask themselves, “is it worth it?” The answer is a resounding YES!

Are You A Part of the Family of God?

Continuing in our series on the Gospel Gospel of Mark, we discuss Mark chapter 3 verses 31-35 and ask the question are you a part of the family of God?

The Power of Prayer

Today we learned three things about prayer. We must prioritize prayer, we must simplify our prayers and we must have faith filled prayer.

The Greatest Gift You Can Give

Three principles we learn about being witnesses of Jesus Christ from the story of the paralytic and his three friends.

The Miracle of Prayer

What do we learn from Jesus’ habit of waking up early and going to a secluded to pray?

Water Into Wine

What can we learn about following Jesus from the story of Jesus turning water to wine?

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

How do we get spiritual gifts? Why do we get spiritual gifts? How do we discover and sharpen our spiritual gifts?

Finding Purpose in Life

In this week’s message, we discover how Zaccheus finds his purpose as he encounters Jesus.

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