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Our church gathers on Sunday mornings at 11:00 am.


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Welcome to Fellowship Pickering

We are a diverse and multi-generational church in Pickering dedicated to helping people to connect to Jesus and one another. 

Our church is committed to helping people know the real Jesus of the Bible and the difference He can make in our everyday lives. We use the Bible as our sole guide for life because it is filled with relevant, and practical principles for everyday living.

Simply put, we are just ordinary, imperfect people from your neighbourhood who are coming together to support one another and working together to better our community, our lives, and our world, through the love of Jesus Christ!

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Upcoming Events @ Fellowship Pickering

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Walk for Freedom

On September 21, 2019 at 10am, we will join Fight4Freedom and thousands of other Canadians to walk through 21 Canadian cities and 2 international cities where trafficking is known to occur and be praying together for an ending of human trafficking.
Visit the link, register and chose Pickering team: Click to register

If you can't attend, feel free to donate to the team to help end sex trafficking.

Missionary God

Join us in the month of September with guest Speaker, Seba Vasquez for his sermon series Missionary God 

As people from every nation continue to gather in the Greater Toronto Area we know that we have a missionary task because we are a missionary people who serve a missionary God.  All of September we’re going to study the six parts of the Missionary Task and take a look at it how its practiced globally, how its modeled in Scripture and how we can be involved in our city and around the world.

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Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey all are welcome at our church. Join us to explore God and discover genuine community. Our strategy to connect people to Jesus and one another is called the 4G Life.

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Missionary God – Evangelism

Continuing in our series “Missionary God” Pastor Seba spoke about our purpose as believers. To share the good news with those around us.

Love God and Love Others

This week Pastor Stephen spoke on John chapter 5 and the pool of Bethesda and how it reminds us to ultimately love God and love others.

Compassion Canada

Guest Speaker: Brad GuldemondNotes: This week Guest Speaker, Brad Guldemond shared with us about Compassion Canada and God's heart for children.

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