Life Groups

A LifeGroup is a group of 6-15 people who meet weekly to “Live Life Together.” LifeGroups are an effective way to get personally connected to Fellowship Pickering, make new friends, and explore God. We meet on a semester-based system (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall). Each semester lasts 10 weeks with a 2-week break in between semesters. We meet every other week in our homes.

What You Can Expect: Each LifeGroup is unique. But a typical meeting will last 90 minutes where we have dinner, discussion, and a time of prayer. This time is extremely informal and everyone is welcome!

Why Join a LifeGroup?

Supportive community

LifeGroups are a great way in which you can build a strong support system for your family! Think about it: all of us go through times of difficulty, crisis, changes, and stress. Wouldn’t it be great to belong to a community that will have your back no matter what?

Spiritual Growth

Because of the nature of a LifeGroup setting, you will have many opportunities to engage and discuss the Bible alongside others.

You can make a difference in other people’s lives:

The Bible says we have all been given special gifts from God. These “God-given strengths” are intended to encourage and uplift others in our lives. LifeGroups are a great way in which we can learn how to serve others in our community.

Our Life Groups

 Pickering Ladies 40+

Meets on: Every other Tuesday evening
For Who: Ladies 40+
Led by: Dianne Greaves and Deborah Franklin

Whitby – YUGs

Meets on: Every other Monday at 6:30pm
For Who: 18-35, young, unmarried, no kids
Led by: Kasey Barker & Kelly Wilson

Pickering Adults

Meets on: Every other Sunday at 2pm
For Who: Any Adult
Led by: Jhune & Rowena Pasco

Pickering Parents w/ Teens

Meets on: Every other Monday at 7:00pm
For Who: Parents of teens
Led by: Scott & Naikia Ridenour

Join us Sunday at