FP Youth

Available for youth 12-18 years old

For the past five years, there has been a seismic shift in how ministries relate to youth and young adults. Google “Why Millennials are Leaving the Church” and there are over 377,000 search results trying to explain. From the beginning of time, being a teenager has never been easy. With major shifts in our world that stem from technology, connectedness, and pop culture, this is perhaps the hardest time in history to be a young person. To combat this, it is absolutely essential for teenagers, Christian or not, to surround themselves with healthy friends that can help navigate through life.

At FP Youth, we understand the challenge of relating to teenagers. We understand the challenges that teenagers face every day as they’re bombarded by thousands of messages. Every other week, we spend time together as a group to get to know one another, get to know one another, and hear from God through Bible studies and discussions. We also host special events several times year including gym days, joint -church outings, community outreach, and more. If you or your children are between the ages of 12-18 years old, they are more than welcome to join us. Regardless of where you are in your journey, we’d love to for you to visit!

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